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A general overview...
Dear customers,

I would like to propose a list of drive-thru etiquette.
    • Mmmbbl mbbll mmmbl..... (ie. I do not speak Mumble. Speak up. Articulate. Don't do that both at the counter or through the drive-thru. Be damned if it doesn't waste time.)
    • Don't YELL INTO THE SPEAKER. Sometimes, we yell back... ("CAN I GET A...." "YES, YOU CAN")
    • Dooon't taaalk slooooow..... You've got three or four cars ahead of you, chances are, one of us is doing the window and the headset at the same time.
    • Don'ttalksofastmyfingersonlymovesoquickly. See above. This especially applies to large orders.
    • Please, get off your cell phone. It is a dozen shades of rude to drive up to the window and be yapping on your cell phone while I'm taking your money/giving you your order. It's not hard to ask the person you're speaking to if they can wait the 15 seconds it will take to interact with me.
    • Occasionally, we repeat back your order to ensure we got it correct. If it's not right, don't say it is. Don't declare you ordered an extra large when we hand you your large.
    • The correct answer to "Would you like anything else today?" is not "Thank you." (This happens way more often than it should.)
    • I've already discussed the "pause/period" issue. Don't sound final when you're not final, and don't sound uncertain when you are final.
    • Less etiquette. more WTF... How do you forget to order?

That about sums it up...

Two more specific shout-outs:

To the lady first thing in the morning,
Maybe it's because it WAS first thing in the morning, but you confused me when you ordered a medium 2s1c, an extra large half coffee/half hot chocolate and a small half coffee/half hot chocolate and then asked me which one the regular was.... First of all, you had no regular, and second... they were all different sizes. Sorry if my face looked like confusion when I pointed at the medium.

And to the man who had the crazy look in his eyes when picking out his donuts,
No, cinnamon rolls do not count as donuts. No, I will not give you cinnamon rolls in your box of a dozen donuts. No, not even if you say, "But I want them. I don't care if they're not donuts, I want THOSE." You obviously didn't want them badly enough because you didn't take long changing your mind/reverting your facial expression back from that of a 5-year old about to throw a tantrum when I told you I would have to charge you differently.

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I wish i worked at Tims so i could feel your pain.

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