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So, I went in this afternoon and I got my tragus pierced.

I am never getting another piercing by myself. D: And not because it was a bad experience, because it was actually a very satisfying one, I just get way too nervous. Someone's gotta be with me.

So basically, the guy that did it was awesome, he went through all the motions. He told me that my tragus is a little different than most because it has a little dip in it, so it has a bump near the top and then another at the bottom, so we went over placement preferences. He dotted it where he would normally pierce it (in the center), then let me take a look. I wasn't sure right away, so I asked to see the dot on the lower bump, because that was his other suggestion. I ended up going with the higher placement, and boy, am I happy I did. It sits JUST right in my ear, and it looks extremely good on me (not being conceited here, it really does look natural... or as natural as a foreign object in your body can be).

As for the pain, it was minimal. I actually didn't even register any pain because I was too wrapped up with the AWFUL CRUNCHING TEARING noise as the needle went through. It was that which did me in. He was fighting with the ball and I was sitting there, and I was literally trying not to vomit. I almost didn't have faith in myself to keep it down. I just wanted him to get the damn ball in place so I could ask if there was a bathroom, and I was sweating and shaking just a bit. He aked if I was feeling okay, and if I needed a glass of water. Of course I took the water, my mouth was as dry as the sahara, and I was insanely grateful for him asking (I'm not the type to voice my issues, and I was too busy taking deep breaths). As soon as he opened the door to the room we were in though, a burst of fresh air came in and wow, it bascially made me feel a hundred times better, and between that and the water, I was pretty much feeling right as rain, and was good to go once he got that stubborn ball in place.

And he said my tragus cartilige was actually softer than most. I can only imagine what I would have done if it weren't that easy. D:

Overall, I am happy with it, and I'm glad I went through with it.

Also, the staff liked my "I <heart> <gun> <zombie>" shirt. They told me to have fun shooting zombies as I left.

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*Tragus piercing high five*

That's awesome. What's healing going to be like?

And seconding the request for pictures.

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