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Tattoos again.
I still want a tattoo on my wrist. The idea really appeals to me.

Any ideas for simplistic, solid-lined designs? The priest symbol is a bust, too detailed for that area. I have begun thinking perhaps something LotR-esque would be suitable, or anything that expresses my inner geek, maybe Phoenix Wright-centric.


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Lle au in Quenya? =P

What about the "OBJECTION!" kanji in the font from the Phoenix Wright games?

Or a magatama bracelet?

There's the "One ring to rule them all" quote from the inside of the One Ring, but that's pretty overdone, and might be too long for a good wrist tattoo.

What do you feel really speaks to you about LotR? I can think of a lot of LotR tattoos I would want, but what's meaningful to me might not be meaningful to you, and vice-versa.

Liiike this?

What's funny is I had the idea, but in English, and I laughed it off. It's a much better idea in Kanji. Granted, a little magatama is smaller and less gaudy for my wrist (I have such a tiny wrist o_O).

As for LotR.. it's hard to say. I thought briefly of Tolkien's little symbol (the JRRT one, I think you might know what I am talking about), but I don't think I would want that, though something similar would be okay. If I wasn't so inept at finding anything on the internet, maybe I would have found LotR related symbols and the like. Small things like that.

I'm sure there is a word beside 'symbols' that I'm looking for, but I can't think of it...

There's the Rohirrim horse, which I don't think is ever depicted in the books, but the movie illustration is really nice.

I think LotR is better for quotes than images a lot of the time... but I'm a sucker for quotes as I'm SURE you know now. =P

What style do you think for the magatama?

"Farewell! I go to find the Sun!"

I had completely forgotten about this until I had just recently arrived there in the book. It still made me LOL.

Maybe this is an idea for the future. :P

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