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I had the weirdest dream....

I was like... undead or something, but still very much human looking, and I was in this organization where I was ordered to look after this little blonde child star or somesuch.. and we were at a show (at the Jubilee Theatre to be exact) and this portly man comes up and starts sucking up to this little girl, and she's like, eating it all up, and after much eye-rolling on my part, he finally tells her he has to go, and to enjoy the show, and he says something to me along the same lines, but calls me "Miss Vampire Girl." Now in my dream, this REALLY offended me, because I muttered, "I'm not a vampire. But if I were, he would not still be standing..." I was pissed off enough that I had to stand up and leave, and send in one of my other coworkers while I walked it off.

Actually, pretty sure I was my death knight on Warcraft... =/

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Oh man, f'd up dreams are always some sort of awesome.

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