THE ROADS ARE BAD SO LET'S ALL GO TO TIM HORTONS KAY? <--general concensus of North Bay's populace

*middlefingermiddlefingermiddlefinger* Yeah, I have three hands now, what of it?

We've got a mini-freakin' snowstorm out there, and drive-thru is busy as all hell tonight. I don't even UNDERSTAND. What is going through your heads when the roads are slippery? Oh, I'm going to risk my life for some of Tim's coffee which is only partially any good, but it's laced with crack cocaine, SO I NEEDZ MY FIXXX.

Yeah, that's gotta be it. Psychoanalasis FTW!

And to the man who came quite literally TWENTY SECONDS BEFORE WE CLOSED and ordered TWO - count 'em, two - BAGELS.... a big, fat FUCK YOU in your general direction. You're mighty lucky I am not allowed to keep a weapon on my person, because the slippery roads would be the last thing you'd have to worry about.

"You have a good night now, sir!~"

.....How uncool/tacky/lame/regretful would it be if I were to tattoo the priest's class symbol on my inner wrist? Obviously it wouldn't be large... but even so. Is that a "world's worst tattoo" idea?

Much deliberation and thought will be put into this decision. I don't dance lightly around this subject (especially after searching tattoos and indeed, finding some of the worst).

Thoughts, opinions, objections?

Haven't had to do this in a while...
Dear electronic store (ie. Staples) employees,


Generally, when one stands in the middle of an aisle looking lost and confused, it is a good indication that one NEEDS HELP. Of course, for you to actually SEE the lost, confused look on one's face, it is a good idea to actually be on the floor and not in the void or wherever it is you go whenever a customer is in need of assistance.

(Alternatively, leave me alone when it looks like I do not need any help whatsoever. You're always there when I want you to get the hell away from me and never when I actually need your help.)

Secondly, when I say my item rang in for ten dollars more than the sign advertised it for, it is a good idea to not look at the customer accusingly and say in a condescending tone that "that price is probably an internet deal". I'm not a 16 year old con artist, thank you very much, so at least try not to be a bitch about it when I'm already disgruntled as it is.

Thanks for understanding,
Unhappy With Your 'Tude

I need to cut down on WoW...
You know you're playing too much Warcraft when you have seriously fucked up dreams. I only remember my dreams once in a while, so I was surprised that I would remember this one so vividly...

Now, I'm not sure where it was, but for some reason, I was reminded of Southshore or just that area in general. It was like some big boss battle, and it was just me and Lindsay because the rest of our group must have bailed or something. as The... innkeeper was with us giving us instructions. Her name was Martha (and she had her name above her head with <Innkeeper> underneath). The first part of the boss was an undead horse who was attacking all the other horses in the stable. I don't know what we were doing, but we delayed too long and soon the second part of the boss, a group of undead guys, was coming out. So we had like.... 6 elites that we had yet to start attacking, and it was just the two of us, so I tell Martha that I don't think Lindsay and I can handle it on our own, so let's hop in the truck and get the hell out of here (Martha had a red pick-up truck...)

So we get in and start driving away, and for some reason, Nathan (a guy I worked with) was also in the truck, and some other girl I don't remember, and we're driving and we see this group of regular guys walking in the direction of the 5 undead guys. We're all like, "Shit, they're going to walk too close and aggro that group! Bad news!" because this group of guys wasn't in the "game" per se, and there was no rezzing for them if they died (which they undoubtedly would). So at first only one undead guy gets aggroed, and the other group starts kicking the shit out of him until the other guys run over, and I'm SCREAMING out the window "Run away! Run away!" but either they aren't listening, or they don't think I'm talking to them. Once they've got the whole mob on them, they do start running, but the last thing I see is the group of regular guys falling dead just like human males in the game. You know, flat on their face.

It was FUCKED UP. :D

On a lighter note... Grape Crush is the shit.

World of Warcraft jargon, read at your own risk.
Okay, so from Saturday until present, I have basically been on a Warcraft binge.

I've currently been working on Eilora, who is now 42. She was 35 or 36 when I started, not to mention if you look closely, I got several sweet pieces of gear for her (don't look too close, you'll also see the god-awful 20s gear she still has). I mostly want to direct your attention to her bitchin' mace (which she pried from Mograine's cold, dead hands), her pants (which replaced her Chausses of Westfall... >>), her helm (Herod's birthday present to her) and her gloves (her first piece of plate! <3). Also, that Scarlet belt says "extremely low" drop rate, and I want to call bullshit because that damn thing dropped at least 5 times over the course of a dozen or so runs. D<

Secondly! Brünhilde, my warrior, went from 25-31 over the last several days as well. She doesn't have quite as much of an upgrade as Eilora did, I just wanted to comment on the drastic level jump. Also, fuck Gnomeregan. I never want to have to drag my ass through there ever again. I STILL never made it to the end boss, despite going there half a dozen or more times. I just want to put it out there that if you're going to run an instance, stay for the whole damn thing, I am tired of bailers.

On that note, I bailed on my first group today...Collapse )

Those three just had NO etiquette at all. I mean, sometimes you might get ONE asshole/moron, but not three. That was just way too awful.

I'm completely done boring everyone now. :D

So, I haven't updated in a while, but to be honest, the internet is not something I've had a lot of over the past few weeks. We're back in action, and basically settled in to our new place now, though.

From what I can tell, North Bay is a pretty decent place, and we're situated very near centrally to everything we need. The main mall is only a 20-30 minute walk away, and there is a Zellers/mini plaza about 10-15 minutes in the other direction.

Today, I applied for jobs, and from what I can tell, I have about an 85% chance at getting a job at Claire's (which is certainly not my first choice, but what right do I have to be picky?), and seeing as they only have 2 employees right now... I could probably get full time hours. I also applied to the CD Plus (which I don't think is hiring) and the EB Games (which is looking for part-timers). Actually, applying to EB turned out to be kind of funny... first the guy asked if I was even over 17 (hahaha, I look so young u_u) and then he seemed to be surprised at how many consoles I own when he asked about that. Clearly he was skeptical at first because I'm a girl. But I'm a pretty cool girl, so there. :P

What I figure is that if EB only needs me for a few hours a week... such as an average of 12 and under, and Claire's could give me 20+, I MIGHT be able to pull off the two of them, seeing as they're located in the same building. Also, since it's a mall job, I would be done no later than 9:30 at night, so none of these late nights like I had to pull at the theatre. I don't want to be greedy though... but I don't exactly have anything else to do with my days. I guess I'm jumping the gun, we'll just see if I even get an interview, hm?

(no subject)
To start, I officially no longer work at Empire Theatres. It feels incredibly good to leave the job, but it is heart-wrenching to leave most of the staff. In fact, they were the number one reason I stayed so long. I'll miss them. :(

However, now I can do things I couldn't before, such as wear my nose hoop without having to think about if it's worth it. "When do I work next?" is no longer a question I have to ask when I put it in. (I couldn't wear my hoops at work, which is understandable.) Also, I can wear all sorts of cool earrings. Ones that dangle or look cute.

The perk I want to start taking advantage of the most now that I'm no longer working there? NAIL POLISH.

So I went to Zellers to buy some today. Now, sometimes with nail polish, the colour in the bottle is not always the same as when it gets on your nail, so I thought I would try a couple small swatches on my thumb nail. I had picked out one pretty fuchsia and I was checking out a couple others with Kristine when an employee standing over at the jewelry counter some 20 feet away decided to YELL at us, like we were a pair of children messing around. She couldn't even have come over to tell us nicely, she YELLED at us from where she was. She yells, "Those aren't SAMPLES." Fine, I can understand that, but damn, we were only trying a little bit, it's not like we were painting our entire set of fingernails and then leaving. I was INTENDING to buy some. I changed my mind rather quickly though, stood up and put my chosen bottle away, telling Kristine that I wasn't going to buy any now, not HERE.

The worst thing is that when something like that happens, I'm always too shocked to ever do anything about it right then. Sure, I think of all sorts of things to do afterward, but by then, the time for action is always long gone. I was just so pissed about that, it put me in a bad mood for the next hour or so.

Anyway, that's my story.

2:32AM, July 9, 2008....

Lucasta is finally 70. Holy shit.

Bugger Off
I'm in such an off mood.

It started with my bagel sandwich this morning. They forgot to put bacon on it and it was a B.E.L.T. The B in that stands for BACON, of which I DID NOT GET. So I was cranky about that.

And then I worked in the afternoon, which was fine, until two people didn't show up in the evening, and my guilt got the better of me and I stayed to work the evening as well (which I still regret - I should have just kept walking toward home). So, this also made me cranky.

And what do you know, the third or so customer I had was a right prick.

Apparently, this elderly lady had cut in line (though as far as I could see, there WAS no line at that point, just a smattering of people sort of in the line next to me, sort of in my line), so the next guy who comes up to me says to me in this condescending tone, "The next time someone cuts in line like that, don't serve them."

Excuse me? I was really too shocked to say anything back, so I kind of just stared, got his order, and treated him coldly. I didn't look him in the eye, or smile, or say any more to him than I had to, and I was slightly snappy when I told him he could choose any of the boxed candy to go with his combo.

What I really wished I HAD said was, "The next time you talk to me in that tone of voice, I won't serve YOU."

And this whole thing made me even MORE cranky. I still can't get over the nerve of that guy!

And it didn't help that I hadn't eaten since 11 o'clock this morning, and it was then 6:45pm, and I had had a 20 minute break between the time I stopped working my afternoon shift and started my evening shift.

And then during my walk home, I was hyperventilating and panicking and convinced I was going to grow old and die alone. I'm not sure where that came from, but it was there, and I had a hard time not falling to my knees in despair.

Really, the whole mood of the day was just not conducive to a cheerful attitude.

So, the most depressing thing in the world?

Reading about what the people in your graduating class are doing now.

Even more depressing?

Re-reading your graduation class prophecy and seeing they prophesied you as the "local lunatic."


I have six years to lose my mind.


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